"you may stop the party, but can't stop the future"

!! This is the MAIN & OFFICIAL site of CZECHTEK TEKNIVAL !!

::: CZECHTEK ::: czech free festival :::
::: open invitation, for all free artists, performers etc ... :::

We Did It! See flyers: 94 95 96 96 97 97 98 99 2K 2k1 2k2 2k3 2k4 2k5 2k6 ... but next years? Won't be placed! Rave to east!

"There is no any organizator. There are only DIY participants. This is the essence of DIY culture."
"Follow the DIY and start the new phenomenon! This isn't end, this's resurrection!"
"All the best to the Eastek's participants & co-operators. They hold the legacy."



Get used to it! Manifest still stands!
There will be NO any other teknival co-operated by us.
Boycott any future event parasitising on our good name!
With all the respect your CzechFreeTeknival(Czechtek)Co-Operators

::: MANIFEST :::

In regard of fact that situation around CZTK isn't bearable anymore, the representatives
of czech freetekno community came to this radical decision. This year(2007), and very probably even
never again, any action of size and under name Czechtek won't be realized.

... and these are the reasons:
* step-by-step abolition of original thoughts of freetekno *
* parasitic behavior of subject not connected to the scene including major part of visitors themselves *
* disability and reluctance to respect elementary principles of behavior in shared space *

* Do not feedback us here, coz we ain't listen * but you might via Radio23 * -[._.]-
* Updated at: 20100731212121 * Updated by: Dupot23 "The last admin" by very himself *
* Very BIG THANKS goes to Freetekno.fr admins for keeping this site still up and running. *

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